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Dog Ring



Welcome to Dog Ring LLC. We are excited to offer a solution for people wanting to spend more time with their dogs. Dog Ring is a revolutionary new Leashing System that gives people the freedom to include their dogs in more daily activities. We will soon be able to take our dogs everywhere we go. The Dog Ring leashing system gives people peace of mind knowing that their dogs are safe and happy.

REnder fixed

You will love the freedom you and your friends have with the Dog Ring system. The places you can use this are limited only to you and your dog’s imagination. Some uses we’ve heard include: the park, road trips, camping, gardening, exercising, lounging outside friends’ houses etc. etc.


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Made in USA

By keeping our manufacturing close to home, we can guarantee that only safe, high-quality products reach your dog (we can also put some good people back to work). You will see and feel the difference you get in every product you use.

Join the Revolution today and again, Welcome!

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