Dog Ring In The News — Take Your Dog Everywhere!

dog ringNews is getting around about the Dog Ring’s hands-free way for people to take their dog everywhere. Perfect for parks, camping, road trips, gardening, BBQs, visiting with friends or relaxing in the yard, there’s a growing excitement about the Dog Ring as people realize this means they can spend more quality time with their dogs.

The owned-dog population continues to grow as families across the US adopt from shelters, rescues, or breeders. In October, the industry magazine Pet Age reported a total of 83.3 million dogs in 56.7 million households. Our furry friends have really become family and, as our bond with them grows stronger, leaving them to sit at home alone on the weekends or shipping them to kennels while we take vacation is no longer the norm. The Dog Ring offers a safe way to take your dog along, whether it’s to the park or on a road trip. You can secure your dog almost anywhere with this handy new tool.

Take a look at some of the press, where you’ll find a good Q&A on the idea, the product and the inventor! After that, you might want to check out the Indiegogo campaign and all the perks available to funders! You could be our newest crowdfunder :)

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